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Medium Rectangle / Huff Po Hill (300x250)

AOL Ad Units

MUST have the ability to expand Left or Right based on page

500 x 500
:30 seconds
True Stream preferred; Progressive Download on user click ONLY
Floating frequency cap 1:24
User click only
Yes; Floating: DoubleClick, Flashtalking, Pointroll, Sizmek, Interpolls

In-Banner; Expandable; Floating; Pop-Up

Must be organic shape, not square or rectangle; Must move across the screen and not hover/stay fixed more than 1 sec; Must visually resolve into 300x250; Must have functioning, visible "close" button tangent to top right of creative

300 x 250 MUST have ability to expand Left or Right; One (1) pixel black border required; Mandatory close button top right corner of expand creative. All standard Creative Guidelines apply. All Technical Guidelines apply.

Note: Lightbox Expand, Site Window Ad, Doodle Ads, and Sidekick run thru the Rich Media version. (Refer to the applicable specs.) These formats are not available on ONE by AOL: Display.